Monthly Archives: November 2016

“Thank Goodness I’m not my own General Contractor!”

Becoming an efficient and reputable general contractor takes years of hard, and often thankless, work. A GC team invests years, even decades, learning the intricacies of each trade and mastering the art of project management and timely delivery. To be effective, a GC needs to be proactive, engaged, and an aggressive problem-solver. They develop an…
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Communication: Setting Up Projects for Success

We understand why so many individuals seeking construction services place a premium on estimated cost, reputation, and time-frames for project delivery. What we don’t understand is why so many clients settle for a construction firm that doesn’t advocate and provide transparent communication. Many construction teams win a competitive bid, receive a list of instructions, and…
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The Value of Construction Management

In our recent blogs, we covered the importance of pre-construction management, detailed design/build processes, and how to save time and money throughout construction. But what if your project is a little more complex and requires a little extra time and attention? In this blog, we decided to cover DBG’s approach to complex, multi-phased projects through…
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